We work around your specific requirements, so it really doesn’t matter how often you’d like us to clean your home. We’re not put off by any scale of mess either! We understand that day-to-day life can cause havoc upon the tidiness of your home, but this may cause a build-up of bacteria and other unhealthy allergens. A regular cleaning service will ensure your home looks the best it can look as often as you need it to; whether that is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Why Us?

Flexible Regular Cleaning Service

Maid-sense flexible cleaning service will work around your personal schedule and criteria. That means you decide when we visit, how often and what needs to be cleaned on each visit. Ultimately, you remain in complete control without having to lift a finger! We won’t tie you into a contract either so there are absolutely no obligations.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

  • Reduced Cost - Cleaning the house on a regular basis can lower the overall cost to you, as opposed to having one-off ‘spare of the moment’ cleans every 1-2 months.
  • Keep on top of ironing – Nobody likes doing the ironing!
  • More time for work or family commitments – enjoy your spare time instead of wasting it cleaning.
  • Industrial grade equipment used – Our cleaners will have access to better equipment than you have at home ensuring a through clean and complete satisfaction.

Customised Regular Cleaning Plan

Maid-sense can develop a customized cleaning schedule to meet your exact requirements and specific needs. In order to create this plan we will typically need to visit your home beforehand to examine and determine what needs to be done and what you expect from the service. A friendly and approachable cleaner, trained and vetted by Maid-sense, will make this assessment and do everything in their power to turn your expectations into a reality.

Our housekeeping service can be part-time or full-time, depending on what suits your lifestyle best. This service is best suited to the very busy home owner who would like all of their domestic chores taken care of.

We provide a fantastic clean with attention to detail, so you never have to worry about loading the dishwasher, doing the ironing or any of that nonsense again!

Housekeeping Checklist

  • Vacuum all rooms and stairs – without cutting any corners!
  • All floors washed with care (carpet and hard flooring)
  • All paintwork washed and wiped
  • Deep bathroom cleanse
  • Furniture moved and dusted
  • Kitchen surfaces cleaned
  • Cupboard fronts cleaned
  • Microwave left gleaming
  • Window cleaning
  • Plus much more!

Understanding What is Important to You

Working inside your home means we must pay particular attention to what matters most to you in the environment you live in. Perhaps there is an area of your home that you’d like us to stay away from, or maybe you have a meticulously organised study that must always be kept in the same order. Whatever your personal requirements and preferences are, we are able to tailor a housekeeping service around you.

The Benefits of a Housekeeping Service

  • More leisure and family time
  • Peace of mind
  • Less stress

Perhaps the biggest and best benefit to a housekeeping service is always having a clean and fresh environment to come home to. This can be extremely satisfying after a long week and incredibly helpful when you are entertaining guests.