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Food Hampers

Breakfast Hamper - £35.00:

  • Trewithen gold butter
  • Cornish 1/2 dozen free-range eggs
  • Midfields original granola 500g
  • Crellow seville marmalade 340g
  • Miles decaffeinated tea bags 125g
  • Trewithen semi-skimmed milk 2 pints
  • Cornish green middle bacon 230g
  • Helsett Farm natural yogurt 150ml
  • Helford Creek apple juice 750ml
  • Westcountry granulated sugar 500g

BBQ Hamper - £30.00:

  • Handmade beef burgers x 4
  • handmade pork sausages x 8
  • 3oz minute steaks x 4
  • Chinese style ribs x 20
  • Cornish real tomato sauce 300g
  • St Kew Harvest Farm Shops round baps x 4
  • St Kew Farm Shops Bakery finger rolls x 8

Tea Hamper - £23.50:

  • Hollies very own home made plain scones x 4
  • Furniss clotted cream shortbread 200g
  • Barnecutts Bakery large saffron cake
  • Boddingtons strawberry jam 340g
  • Miles decaffeinated tea bags x 40
  • Miles decaffeinated coffee granules 100g
  • Trewithen clotted cream 226g
  • Trewithen whole milk 2 pints
  • Trewithen gold butter 250g

Organic Vegboxes

Mini Vegbox - £13.00 (for 1-2 People)
Typically 7 varieties in smallish portinos to keep your meals interesting. You'll get potatoes, carrots and onions most weeks.

Mini Fruit & Vegbox - £17.48 (for 1-2 People)
A smaller version of our fruit and veg box, typically 5 easy-eating veg (never potatoes) and 2 fruit.

Small Vegbox - £15.95 (for 2-3 People)
For 2-3 People. Typically 8 varieties with potatoes, carrots and onions every week. A good choice if you're new to box life - and one of our most popular boxes.

Fruit & Vegbox - £20.95 (for 2-3 People)
For 2-3 People. A big hit with small and large families alike, typically 7 easy-eating veg (never potatoes) and 3 fruit varieties.

Favourites Vegbox - £18.35 (for 3-4+ People)
Typically 8 varieties of popular veg like tomatoes, broccoli, peppers and mushrooms, along with potatoes, carrots and onions.

Medium Vegbox - £19.65 (for 3-4+ People)
Typically 10 varieties with potatoes, carrots and onions every week. One of our most popular boxes.

Large Vegbox - £12.20 (for 3-4 People)
Typically 12 varieties with potatoes, carrots and onions every week. Ideal if you're feeding a hungry family or love a bit more diversity.

Top Up Your Order

Fruit bag - £9.95
3 varieties of fresh fruit - ideal for topping up your vegbox. Popular with small families.

Fruit box - £14.65
Typically 5 fruit varieties. Order on its own or as an 'add-on' to a vegbox.

Salad box - £15.45
Typically 7 varieties for easy-to-prepare light meals. You'll get lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and other seasonal salads.

Organic Meatboxes

Small Meatbox - £50.50 (for 2-3 People)
A tasty selection of roasting joints and easy-cook cuts. This box feeds a small family or a couple for a fortnight.

Quick & Easy Meatbox - £33.95 (for 2-3 People)
Packed with easy to prepare meat like mince, frying steak, diced chicken and sausages. One of our most popular meatboxes.

Large Meatbox - £75.00 (for 4+ People)
A generous mix of weekend roasts and easy cooking weeknight cuts. A great value box for a fortnight's worth of family meals.

Winter Warmer Meatbox - £33.95 (for 4+ People)
Full of cuts that cry out to be slow-cooked or simply popped in the oven, for lots of flavour with minimum fuss.

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